Standard Cleaning Vs Deep Cleaning: The Key Differences


Before selecting an industrial cleaning service , the first thing you should understand is the differences between deep cleaning and regular standard cleaning, because they aren’t precisely the same.

Professional Industrial cleaners can help you better comprehend both these types by breaking out the fundamental differences. You may get a lot of services from a trustworthy industrial cleaning company. But it is more difficult to decide which one to choose when you have a lot of options available.

Regular cleaning and deep cleaning are two of the most popular cleaning services offered. In this blog post, we’ll explain the key differences between standard cleaning and deep cleaning.

What Is Standard Cleaning?

Standard cleaning and deep cleaning both involve the same tasks. However, just because standard cleaning is for maintenance, this does not imply that the crucial responsibilities will be neglected. Regular cleaning and deep cleaning, both are thorough, but deep cleaning is more in-depth and intense.

Standard cleaning services are typically less expensive, but routine cleaning is scheduled and focuses on keeping your industrial or commercial facility clean. The timetable changes based on your demands. An office building, for instance, could only require cleaning every two weeks or so.

What’s Included In A Standard Cleaning?

Depending on the requirements and scheduling constraints, standard cleaning tasks may vary, however, standard cleaning does not overlook necessary actions.

Here are a few common tasks associated with standard cleaning:

  • Removing dust from all surfaces, including windows, appliances, and any lighting fixtures.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, workplaces, classes, and other areas.
  • Cleaning surfaces that are prone to moisture accumulation of unwanted microorganisms.

What Is Deep Cleaning?

Compared to regular cleaning, deep cleaning pays greater attention to detail. To maintain a clean atmosphere for staff and kids, cleaners will execute a long list of jobs at a business or school during a deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning involves giving everything a thorough scrub down and focusing on the neglected and difficult-to-reach areas. This kind of cleaning enhances your building’s general livability and sanitation. Be aware that deep cleanings are more expensive, but they also clean with greater attention to detail than regular cleaning techniques that make up for it.

What Is Included In A Deep Clean?

A deep clean includes both extra interior and exterior areas, in addition to all this it is normally covered by a regular clean. Some of the cleaning tasks that are part of deep cleaning are as follows:

  • Removing soap scum and scale from kitchen and bathroom tiles, faucets, showerheads, etc.
  • Cleaning the area under equipment like the refrigerator, washer, and oven
  • Cleaning the sink’s underside, and the glass door
  • Cleaning the doors, inside windows, window frames, and blinds

When Do You Need Deep Cleaning?

The beginning of a new season is the ideal time to carry out deep cleaning work. We recommend performing a deep clean once every six to twelve months. The following are the ideal circumstances for deep cleaning:

  • Most cleaning companies have a standard rule that your first-time cleaning should be a deep clean.
  • When your facility needs a spring clean.
  • Deep cleaning is a terrific method to get your space ready for visitors if you’re hosting an event or party.
  • Deep cleaning is essential for staging and increasing the appeal of your property to potential purchasers if you’re going to sell your old house.

Which Service Is Right For You?

You may question yourself about what kind of cleaning service you should go for while hiring a cleaning company. If it’s your first time, we recommend beginning with a deep clean. After that, you can plan daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning schedules.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to speak with the cleaning company’s experts before hiring them to determine which cleaning techniques and products would best suit your individual needs.

About Global Vapor

Global Vapor is an industrial services company operating in and around the Edmonton area for 15 years. We are specialized in industrial cleaning, graffiti removal, building maintenance, facility cleaning, and building restoration. We work in health care, food processing, heavy equipment washing, construction, and the Oil and Gas industry.

In addition to our industrial cleaning division, we have added a line of Health Canada-approved disinfectants to help our clients maintain a healthy and safe environment. We use these products in our daily work and sell them at a retail level.

If you are looking for a professionally trained and experienced team to power wash your property, connect with Global Vapor.

Get Professional Industrial Cleaning Services By Global Vapor


Step inside the world of professionals with Global Vapor. We are one of the best industrial cleaning services providers in Edmonton . Our team of experts offers custom-designed wash systems, industrial cleaning, graffiti removal, building maintenance, facility cleaning, and building restoration. We offer industrial cleaning services at affordable rates and have been in this field for about 15 years. Our professionals make sure to offer you the results you want after industrial cleaning while maintaining the environment’s safety.

Global Vapor is growing as one of Edmonton’s most hired industrial cleaning services. This has been made possible due to the various facilities we offer to our clients and the high-quality products that we use. Continue reading more about us to see why we are one of the most dedicated industrial cleaning companies here.

We Guarantee Safety And Quality

One of the main reasons why Global Vapor is a reliable industrial cleaning service in Edmonton is because we are committed to providing you exceptional services while keeping safety and quality standards high.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your facility is cleaned completely and free from harmful bacteria, viruses, and deep grime. We ensure that our team thoroughly follows all safety standards and this has made us one of the safest companies for industrial cleaning in Edmonton.

We Use High-Quality Products

Global Vapor is committed to providing you quality services while ensuring that the products used are high quality. We deliver custom chemical design and manufacturing services, including industrial-grade products for the oil and gas industry fleet, heavy vehicle equipment, industrial plant maintenance, and mining.

We use a specifically formulated water treatment additive for bacteria and odour control to ensure high-quality industrial cleaning services. Moreover, some of our products have mild fragrances leaving you with an environment that smells fresh and clean. We ensure the wellness and safety of all our stakeholders and use non-toxic, environmentally safe, and biodegradable products while maintaining the disinfecting action.

We Offer Various Cleaning Services

It’s not that we offer only industrial services. Rather, we have a wide range of cleaning services and washing systems which include the following services:

  • Industrial cleaning services
  • High dusting and high cleaning
  • Restoration
  • Post-construction cleanup
  • Construction equipment washing
  • Disinfecting all surfaces
  • Interior and exterior building washing
  • Graffiti removal

We Also Offer Project Management Services

In addition to cleaning services and gravel removal, we also offer a project management service to ensure that your projects are completed on time, effectively, and efficiently. The focus is to provide exceptional customer service to our clients and help them thrive. We also make sure to meet the highest standards in 5 areas, including quality, scheduling, cost, communication, and stakeholder engagement.

We Offer Custom Design Wash Systems

Global Vapor has been designing and fabricating systems for over ten years that are suitable to both the client’s needs and specifications with the solution-driven approach. Our undercarriage wash systems are fabricated in Alberta and suitable for light fleets and heavy haulers. We have efficient wash systems, making them suitable for almost every type of vehicle.

We Have The Right Training And Personnel

We understand that for industrial cleaning and other similar big cleaning tasks professionals are required to do the job efficiently. Hence, over the years, Global Vapor has provided its employees with the right training and certification to equip them with the knowledge, understanding, and skills that are necessary for safe and efficient cleaning. We ensure that all our employees have the proper job competency before any work commencement.

It is mandatory for our employees to participate in all the safety and related training requirements identified in our training matrix. The training sessions we provide include safety orientations, site-specific orientations for employees and subcontractor representatives, job-specific training tasks, trade-specific training and certification, and specialised safety and related training.

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Our industrial cleaning division has added a line of Health Canada-approved disinfectants to help our clients maintain a healthy and safe environment. We use these products in our daily work and sell them at a retail level. Learn more about what Global Vapor has to offer and see how its customised services can help make your business shine. You can contact us for more information about our customised services or visit our website for more information about how we work.

4 Reasons To Choose Power Washing


Power washing can be very beneficial for your property. It makes the surface cleaner than traditional cleaning and prevents many problems in the long term. When you use the best professional power washing services you get a completely new look for your property.

The exterior of your property often gets a lot messier than the interior. It gets dirt, dust, fungi, bird droppings, and storm wastes. The only appropriate solution is to use power washing. This method is an easy way to bring a fresh and healthy touch to your home.

It also carries a lot of benefits that, in fact, every house should use power washing. There are many reasons why you should choose a pressure wash. This blog post mentions a few important reasons.

To Improve The Appearance Of Your Property

If you don’t know what magic a power wash can bring to your home, just google some before and after videos and see for yourself. Layers of dirt and dust make your home look older and worse than it is.

According to Consumer Reports, a good pressure wash and a little touch of paint and exterior improvements can increase the value of your home by 2-5%.

Doing so on floors, driveways, fences, and walls fixes all the grime that accumulates there. This grime can erode the paint and cause cracks to appear, subsequently affecting your home’s value.

Your home’s exterior degrades with time. It loses its true color and oxides. If you want to sell your property, a quick power wash can boost your property’s value. A good-looking house is much easier to rent or sell.

To Prevent Permanent Damage

One of the prominent reasons the exterior erodes, damages, and loses its value is the acclamation of the leaves, dirt, and debris over time. If you don’t clean these parts of your house, it can permanently damage the property.

Regular washes keep the surface safe from grime and algae, which consequently prevents permanent damage. On top of that, power washing is more environmentally friendly, unlike traditional cleaning, which uses different chemicals.

To ensure the safety of your roof, walls, and doorways, it is recommended to either hire a professional or have a basic knowledge of pressure washers. Don’t increase the pressure too much as it can also damage the surface.

It’s Environmentally Friendly And Hygienic

Another good reason to use power washing is to make your surroundings environmentally friendly. This prevents many health issues and keeps you and your family healthy. Pressure washing uses no chemicals, therefore it’s safe for interior and exterior use such as for grass, gardens, and plants.

Pressure washing removes all the grime, dust, and allergens on the surface, which are potential health hazards. It cleans pollen and mold, which also contributes to better air quality.

Other cleaning methods include the use of harsh chemicals, whereas this method only uses the technique and pressure to achieve the same result, keeping the environment safe.

To Save Time And Money

Unlike traditional washing methods, which take a lot of time and other resources including chemicals and detergents, power wash techniques just use water with pressure. It makes the process time-efficient and also saves you money on additional costs.

It’s recommended to hire professional washing service providers to avoid all the hard work. If you plan to do the work all by yourself, it can cost you a lot of money. You need to rent a good pressure washer, a ladder, and other equipment that is necessary for the process.

Save your time and money and hire a professional power washing company like Global Vapor to do it for you.

These were the best reasons why you should consider power washing. It saves the environment and is cost-effective.

About Global Vapor

Global Vapor is an industrial services company operating in and around the Edmonton area for 15 years. We are specialized in industrial cleaning, graffiti removal, building maintenance, facility cleaning, and building restoration. We work in health care, food processing, heavy equipment washing, construction, and the Oil and Gas industry.

In addition to our industrial cleaning division, we have added a line of Health Canada-approved disinfectants to help our clients maintain a healthy and safe environment. We use these products in our daily work and sell them at a retail level.

If you are looking for a professionally trained and experienced team to power wash your property, connect with Global Vapor.

Errors To Avoid When Hiring Professional Industrial Cleaners


Unlike a commercial building or a residential property, industrial space is notoriously difficult to clean. Besides the ordeal involved in removing tenacious grease marks and obstinate black smoke patches, it is also a challenge to evaluate the type of cleaning technique and the cleaning chemicals to be used.

You can’t simply scrub every surface with an all-purpose cleaner and expect everything to turn out bright and shiny. In truth, you will need to be very careful about the cleaners’ compatibility with the machines’ materials to avoid corrosion and wear.

You can’t just wake up one morning and start cleaning your facility by yourself or simply pay someone a few bucks and expect proficiency. Without proper training and preparation, an industrial setting is nearly impossible to clean single-handedly. Thus, the importance of hiring professional industrial cleaners can not be emphasized enough. These companies prepare their workforce for these tasks by passing them through highly specialized training programs and equipping them with state-of-the-art equipment.

But the question is, how will you know which industrial cleaning company is well-acquainted with the type of cleaning work you require for your facility? Since industrial cleaning is relatively more complex than other settings, it is common for people to make huge blunders when recruiting a cleaning company. The latter leads to a waste of time, money, and other valuable resources.

Considering the above situation, today’s blog post will reveal the mistakes you should avoid when hiring a professional industrial cleaning company in Edmonton.

Failure To Recognise A Facility’s Unique Needs

One of facility owners’ biggest mistakes is not analyzing their setting’s distinct cleaning needs. You can not expect two industrial settings to be the same even if they relate to the same sector. It is unwise for people to believe that a car manufacturing facility will have similar machinery to a petroleum processing plant. In fact, even two car manufacturing factories are not the same. From the extent of automation to the manufacturing process, everything varies from factory to factory.

Thus, you must first analyze your facility’s processes and decide on the appropriate cleaning measures accordingly. No matter how proficient and adoptive a cleaning company is, it won’t be of much help if your processes are poorly defined.

Ignoring The Extent Of A Company’s Specialization

Likewise, you must also consider the type of industrial cleaning services your prospective cleaning company offers. Some companies offer a range of highly specialized services, while others take a general turn. It is crucial that you confirm beforehand that the company you wish to recruit has what it takes to diligently clean your space and machinery.

Moreover, they should also be able to accommodate complex cleaning areas by customizing their services accordingly. The need for highly specialized cleaning equipment can not be emphasized enough.

Disregarding Quality For The Sake Of Money

Great haste makes great waste.

Industrial cleaning is undeniably pricey. However, professionals out there provide quality services at reasonable prices. Still, some factory owners make the unforgivable mistake of hiring unreliable cleaners to save money. This can be extremely detrimental to your facility, as unprofessional cleaners utilize highly toxic and corrosive cleaning chemicals. Your factory might look clean initially, but as time passes, the results will emerge in the shape of corrosion and rust.

Shunning Licensure

Besides haste, imprudence is another obstacle to any endeavour’s success. Just because a company seems professional on the surface does not necessarily guarantee its mastery. As they say, do not judge a book by its cover. Instead, dig deep into their credentials and ensure that a prospective cleaner is licensed and has the necessary accreditation.

Hiring An Uninsured Industrial Cleaner

Given the complexity of the industrial cleaning process, accidental losses may be inevitable at times. However, covering up these losses is often financially distressing and draining. The best way to save yourself from such unplanned costs is to ensure that your prospective cleaner has liability insurance. Consequently, any damage done during the cleaning process will be smoothly taken care of without any discrepancies.

Not Clearly Discussing The Terms Of An Agreement

Lastly, facility owners are often too lazy to read through contracts before signing them. As a result, they are usually taken aback by the additional charges and hidden fees of moving machines.

About Global Vapor

For years, we have been working tirelessly to find customized solutions to our clients’ unique customer needs and requirements. Learn more about Global Vapor and our high-end industrial cleaning solutions.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Cleaning Company

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Cleaning Company

Of course, cleaning a room or a house is not a difficult job, but cleaning an industrial space or equipment is very difficult, and requires special techniques.

Hiring a professional cleaning company is the best thing to do for high-quality cleaning services. Professional cleaning service providers have technically trained cleaning staff who are well equipped and able to work on industrial cleaning projects. Also, they know of all the trending cleaning techniques that can make cleaning easier and more efficient. So, a cleaning company can help you complete your industrial cleaning tasks quickly, so that you can start your work again.

The blog explains some important benefits that you can achieve by hiring a professional cleaning service.

Highly Trained Staff

A professional cleaning company has highly trained staff, having efficient skills to perform their job. The company provides training to their staff members before they start an industrial project. As they have a strong hiring criterion which ensures the people hired in the cleaning team have good knowledge of the industrial cleaning techniques. Along with that, the staff members get advanced training, making them highly skilled.

Trained staff members use technical techniques to perform cleaning operations quickly. They have good knowledge and experience to use equipment and cleaning materials for cleaning industrial spaces, vehicles, machinery and commercial buildings. Therefore, the cleaning company team can perform risky tasks easily while maintaining safety.

Use Of Special Equipment

Industrial cleaning involves the use of specialized equipment. These pieces of equipment are designed to perform those operations which are difficult for human beings. For instance, cleaning the top of a building, hot water pressure washes, industrial machine cleaning, etc.

Also, the use of advanced equipment ensures there is no risk of damage to the area or machinery during the cleaning process. Hence, the industrial cleaning company uses modern techniques to do quality cleaning, which is impossible without advanced equipment.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

It is imperative to keep the surroundings clean during industrial cleaning operations. The environment should not be affected by any cleaning agent or machine used in the process. However, if skilled and well-equipped staff is not hired to carry out the industrial cleaning process, it becomes difficult to keep your surroundings safe from damage or spreading waste.

Professional cleaning companies are well aware of the consequences of each equipment and cleansing agent on the environment. Henceforth, they use resources which are safe for the environment, animals and human beings. The cleaning managers select the resources according to the surroundings and cleaning purpose. So that they can minimize the risk of damage during the cleaning process.

Planned Process

When a professional company books an order for your cleaning project they start by analysing your requirements. A survey is conducted on the site to identify the cleaning needs and surrounding conditions. Then a plan is developed to record all decisions, requirements, actions and schedules to complete the project. Thus, all processes are organised accurately, to avoid any ambiguity and to ensure that every step of the cleaning process is completed on time.

Planning ensures that the company is clear about all customer requirements and that they will not miss any of them. As a result, tasks are started and completed more professionally.

Fast Cleaning Service

The way a professional cleaning company works might surprise you. Their well-equipped team performs cleaning tasks in a very small amount of time. In addition to that, they remove all impurities from any surface in just one go and immediately finalise the cleaning of the surrounding areas as well. This is due to the use of the professional techniques and equipment used by the professionals, so large cleaning projects are completed in just a few days.

About Global Vapor

We at Global Vapor provide the best industrial cleaning services in Edmonton. We have provided high-quality services to many industrial clients. We can provide building washing, hot water pressure cleaning, building maintenance, equipment and machinery cleaning. Moreover, we also provide an excellent service for graffiti removal. We can perform cleaning operations for oil, gas, transportation, construction, agriculture or any other industry. If you are interested in our services please give us a call. Our experts will record your requirements to customise cleaning services for you.

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