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August 25, 2022


Step inside the world of professionals with Global Vapor. We are one of the best industrial cleaning services providers in Edmonton . Our team of experts offers custom-designed wash systems, industrial cleaning, graffiti removal, building maintenance, facility cleaning, and building restoration. We offer industrial cleaning services at affordable rates and have been in this field for about 15 years. Our professionals make sure to offer you the results you want after industrial cleaning while maintaining the environment’s safety.

Global Vapor is growing as one of Edmonton’s most hired industrial cleaning services. This has been made possible due to the various facilities we offer to our clients and the high-quality products that we use. Continue reading more about us to see why we are one of the most dedicated industrial cleaning companies here.

We Guarantee Safety And Quality

One of the main reasons why Global Vapor is a reliable industrial cleaning service in Edmonton is because we are committed to providing you exceptional services while keeping safety and quality standards high.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your facility is cleaned completely and free from harmful bacteria, viruses, and deep grime. We ensure that our team thoroughly follows all safety standards and this has made us one of the safest companies for industrial cleaning in Edmonton.

We Use High-Quality Products

Global Vapor is committed to providing you quality services while ensuring that the products used are high quality. We deliver custom chemical design and manufacturing services, including industrial-grade products for the oil and gas industry fleet, heavy vehicle equipment, industrial plant maintenance, and mining.

We use a specifically formulated water treatment additive for bacteria and odour control to ensure high-quality industrial cleaning services. Moreover, some of our products have mild fragrances leaving you with an environment that smells fresh and clean. We ensure the wellness and safety of all our stakeholders and use non-toxic, environmentally safe, and biodegradable products while maintaining the disinfecting action.

We Offer Various Cleaning Services

It’s not that we offer only industrial services. Rather, we have a wide range of cleaning services and washing systems which include the following services:

  • Industrial cleaning services
  • High dusting and high cleaning
  • Restoration
  • Post-construction cleanup
  • Construction equipment washing
  • Disinfecting all surfaces
  • Interior and exterior building washing
  • Graffiti removal

We Also Offer Project Management Services

In addition to cleaning services and gravel removal, we also offer a project management service to ensure that your projects are completed on time, effectively, and efficiently. The focus is to provide exceptional customer service to our clients and help them thrive. We also make sure to meet the highest standards in 5 areas, including quality, scheduling, cost, communication, and stakeholder engagement.

We Offer Custom Design Wash Systems

Global Vapor has been designing and fabricating systems for over ten years that are suitable to both the client’s needs and specifications with the solution-driven approach. Our undercarriage wash systems are fabricated in Alberta and suitable for light fleets and heavy haulers. We have efficient wash systems, making them suitable for almost every type of vehicle.

We Have The Right Training And Personnel

We understand that for industrial cleaning and other similar big cleaning tasks professionals are required to do the job efficiently. Hence, over the years, Global Vapor has provided its employees with the right training and certification to equip them with the knowledge, understanding, and skills that are necessary for safe and efficient cleaning. We ensure that all our employees have the proper job competency before any work commencement.

It is mandatory for our employees to participate in all the safety and related training requirements identified in our training matrix. The training sessions we provide include safety orientations, site-specific orientations for employees and subcontractor representatives, job-specific training tasks, trade-specific training and certification, and specialised safety and related training.

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Our industrial cleaning division has added a line of Health Canada-approved disinfectants to help our clients maintain a healthy and safe environment. We use these products in our daily work and sell them at a retail level. Learn more about what Global Vapor has to offer and see how its customised services can help make your business shine. You can contact us for more information about our customised services or visit our website for more information about how we work.

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