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Urban decay and the resulting loss of residential, municipal, or business property value is a widespread global concern. Despite being outlawed in Canada, this act of vandalism is still apparent in many areas. Global Vapor steps forth to save your building from being stigmatized and losing value by providing high-end graffiti removal services throughout Edmonton and other areas.

With over 15 years of graffiti removal experience, we realize that no two locations are the same. As a result, a normal strategy is ineffective. Because we know the property owner has been the victim of vandalism, we are receptive to their request for graffiti removal. In order to make the property look as best as possible, we aim for honesty in our removal method. We provide free quotes and same-day graffiti removal services.

Historic Buildings, Murals, &
Art Sculptures

Many industrial cleaners fail to realize that removing graffiti with harsh chemicals will also damage the surfaces. Global Vapor has performed graffiti removal with approved products on historic buildings, murals, and art sculptures for years. Our relationship with the Alberta Masonry Association provides us with the ability to stay current with new stone products. This allows us to continuously improve our graffiti removal and cleaning techniques.


Prior to any work commencement, a site assessment is conducted and the location, size, and surface type are recorded. Global Vapor performs graffiti removal using a biodegradable line of chemical products and hot water rinse. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed for efficient water use and recycling to limit water waste. We have invested in a paint match application that allows us to closely match your surface colour should paint be required.

Graffiti Removal On Any
Types Of Surfaces

We perform graffiti removal on various types of surfaces.

We also offer anti-graffiti coatings for a variety of surfaces. These protect surfaces and allow for zero-impact removal.

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Stucco
  • Vinyl
  • Painted and raw wood
  • Glass
  • Tile
  • Heritage Buildings

Graffiti Education

We highly recommend that you leave graffiti removal in the hands of an expert. Regardless, the following tips may assist you when taking up the challenge yourself.

  • Call a professional for a site inspection prior to attempting any clean-up; to avoid etching, staining, and surface damage.
  • Graffiti removal products are surface specific. Be aware of any claim of the “product removes all types of graffiti”.
  • Chemical application with water removal is the safest removal currently available. Ask questions of any company marketing the use of blasting removal techniques.
  • Professionals will have Safety Data Sheets for their line of chemicals. Manufacturers outline temperature ranges for all products. These temperature ranges are often no colder than 7 degrees Celsius.
  • Freeze-thaw affects all types of surfaces. With water rinse removal, there is a heightened potential for increased damage to the property.

Latest Work

Take a look at the we have undertaken and performed with regards to graffiti removal. At Global Vapor, we always seek opportunities that will help us play a part in reducing the surging urban decay and preserve the beauty of our community.

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