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Undercarriage Washing &
Wash Systems

Washing hard-to-reach places is no longer a headache with Global Vapor on your side. We specialize in designing, crafting, and delivering custom-made undercarriage washing systems that precisely meet every client’s unique industrial needs.


Global Vapor holds quality as its highest priority in the fabrication of every undercarriage wash system. We offer a one-window approach from design to delivery and understand that relationship development along the supply chain is essential to assembling superior wash systems. Our procurement and subcontracting management, complete remote automation, technical advancements, fluid dynamics engineering, material handling, and wastewater treatment render Global Vapor an industry leader in undercarriage wash systems.

Our Wash Systems Come In A
Variety Of Options

A monthly maintenance program is also available with all of our wash systems.

  • Mobile and fixed units
  • Light fleet vehicle and medium fleet vehicle
  • Additional systems available:
  • Boiler, water tanks, weir tank
  • Recycled water system
  • Automation and robotics
  • Remote monitoring

Our Ultimate Custom-Designed
Wash Systems

Global Vapor has been designing and fabricating wash systems in Edmonton for over ten years. All our undercarriage wash systems are designed to both client needs and specifications with a solution-driven approach. Our Undercarriage wash systems are fabricated in Alberta and can be designed for anything from a light fleet to heavy haulers, construction equipment, and in the Alberta agriculture sector with a reduced Clubroot spread.

Global Vapor's highly qualified and experienced engineers are constantly working on designing and manufacturing the best wash systems in Edmonton. Our experts will fabricate wash systems that would prevent rust on your vehicle or equipment using high-volume spray nozzles that would remove mud and other debris in any areas of your vehicles or equipment, especially in those crevices that are hard to clean. Our team ensures that all wash systems we fabricate will provide the best results, which would help our clients save time and money in the future.


Latest Work

Take a look at our latest work with regards to our perfectly designed wash systems. At Global Vapor, we pour our heart and soul into designing wash systems that perfectly meet the requirements of our clients.

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